Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sponsor a Soldier

First, the link:

The "Donate" button is at the bottom of her post. I threw them $20 just now.

Second, the explanation:

Our soldiers are working hard around the world to protect our freedoms. Most of them didn't choose to get sent out there, but dammit, they are doing their job like they were told to do. Some of them, like my friend Jeremy, come back after getting partially blown up by the opposition and have months of rehab ahead of them.

Unfortunately, military foodstuffs are not the greatest. My boyfriend and brother are both in the military, and I think they can attest to the less-than-ideal conditions of chow halls. It is possible to make good choices, but it gets even harder when you're out in your battle-rattle.

I highly support Melissa Urban's blog; she has pumped me up more times than I care to admit, and administers the tough love with regards to PR's, Crossfit, and now Paleo dieting. They are partnering to bring good Paleo-version MRE-style kits, along with some Crossfit training, to soldiers stationed out in the Middle East.

So, I'm asking for your support. A measly $5 donation to the Paypal button on her blog gets one Paleo kit sent out. $20 gets four kits, plus the guy who makes the kits will throw in another for free - so you get 5 kits total.

$5 is probably a good size Starbucks drink, less than their cheese & fruit plate (ask me how I know).


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