Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello All!

Happy 2010! I hope everyone has managed to maintain the March of Good Health throughout the holidays.

I was lucky. I went to visit my parents, and for the most part, they eat Paleo, as I do. My parents do consume a lot less meat, and a lot more dairy, though. But avocados, coconut oil, and nuts are all prevalent foods at their home. So is high quality dark chocolate, which is great when consumed in small amounts.

I am proud to say that, while some meals were not Paleo, I did not gorge myself like a python, coming home with a giant lump of food in my belly. I did, however, eat too many sugary sweet things. Sigh.

But, it is a New Year, and I am back on it! Some grass-finished bacon is in the oven for my breakfast, along with some satsumas (tangerines) I picked up at the store last night, in addition to some chicken thighs for some chicken-veggie soup I'll make later today. In a couple of hours, I am off to the Farmer's Market in my neighborhood, to stock up on meats and local, organic greens.

I would like to mention something: I discovered a couple of months ago that I have a hormone imbalance. This might have been the lynchpin as to why I struggle so much with weight loss. I will admit, though - at 5'5" and 150 lb, I could look a lot worse than I do. A lot of that weight is muscle. Yet I hold fat around my upper body (belly, some in the back), and the layer of fat around my body prevents any actual muscle definition from showing through.

I go to a naturopathic doctor who specializes in bioidentical hormones on Tuesday, to see if they can help me! I'm pretty excited. This could also "miraculously" cure my monthly onset of cystic acne.


May Your New Year Be Filled With Light, Love, Health, and Fitness.

And May Your Deadlift PR Increase by 20%. :)

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