Friday, February 26, 2010


Starbucks has detailed nutrition information for all beverages and food items.

If you pick an item like caffe latte, for instance, you can choose from several types of milk, and then hit the "recalculate" button to find totals for calories, grams of fat, grams of sugars, etc.

This is where I found soymilk listed twice – once as "soymilk (US)" and once as "soymilk (CD)." When I compared the two calculations I found that the U.S. product has more calories, but fewer fat calories, compared to Canadian. U.S. soymilk also has less sodium, but way more carbohydrates and about TWICE as much sugar.

I imagine there are Starbucks customers who choose soymilk every day (believing the myth that soy = healthy), completely unaware that their 12 oz. caffe latte contains the equivalent of more than three tablespoons of sugars before they even ADD any sugar!

(ETA: I tried this again recently, and found that the Canadian soymilk was removed from the list of choices.  Starbucks must have realized where my IP address was coming from, and accordingly filtered it's site).

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