Wednesday, February 24, 2010


2/22/2010 - I PR'ed my deadlift, increasing by a whole kg: 72 kg x 5 reps

2/24/2010 - I PR'ed my 500 m row sprint - 2:12. No, I'm not super-fast by any means, but it's a great improvement for me! I think I have started to internalize the rowing method shown to us by our trainers: pushing more with your legs, doing a longer stroke, and keeping the strokes per minute < 34. Keep your gaze straight ahead and don't look around! Plus, a guy who rowed in college told me to basically smack my boobs with every stroke.... it's kind of annoying, but it works and I no longer create slack in the chain by changing it's angle relative to the pulley.

Damn right I'm proud. :)

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