Monday, September 14, 2009

My Lunch: Steak and Beets

Today for lunch at work I packed my bento box with about 3-4 oz of grass-finished steak, and about a cup of roasted red beets.

Now, if the world were different and unhealthy food was healthy, you can bet your ass I'd be eating buttercream-laden cupcakes and piles of sugar instead of beets and steak. But it isn't, so there. I'm an adult, and that means sacking up and eating things because they're healthy, even if they're not my favorite thing in the world.

So, I dressed them up a bit. I like to roast my veggies at about 400 deg F until I see brown edges start to form; I think it helps to bring out the inherent sweetness and nutty flavors that often fall flat when you use cooking methods such as boiling or steaming. I added a light (!) drizzle of maple syrup (the real stuff, not high fructose corn syrup with maple flavoring). A dusting of curry powder, along with some blood orange flavored olive oil, salt, and ground pepper, rounded out the mix.

I have to say, while beets aren't my favorite thing to eat (especially en masse), these were pretty palatable.

Sometimes being an adult and doing the right thing isn't so bad, after all...

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