Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Un-Paleo: Pumpkin Curry Cupcakes

I attended a Canadian Thanksgiving potluck party this past Sunday (for those who care about Such Things, Canadian Thanksgiving was officially October 12). I took a side of baked acorn squash, cooked down slightly in butter, spiced apple cider, and some pumpkin pie spice, to which I had added a finely chopped apple.

I also took some cupcakes. Pumpkin Curry Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache, to be exact.

I give all credit for the recipe to Vanilla Garlic, a great food blog I've thoroughly enjoyed following for a while now. Here's his post and recipe for this bit of cupcake goodness. The only thing I changed was that I added a dash more curry to my recipe, and made a larger portion of chocolate ganache (using an entire Pound Plus of dark chocolate from Trader Joe's).

Full Disclosure: I did NOT eat any of these cupcakes. I saved four from the batch and took them to the gym on Monday, since a friend of mine wanted some. Since she didn't show up, I distributed them at work. Temptation Problem Averted! To also help me not eat them all, I individually wrapped the cupcakes that I took to the gym / work in wax paper + foil. I currently have the extra ganache, but I am going to use it to make truffles and distribute those, or at least be able to eat them a lot more slowly and not feel icky because I scarfed a cup of chocolate ganache all at once. Besides, dark chocolate sans cream, butter, and extra sugar is a lot more healthy. ;)

Here's my batter:

Mmm BUTTER...nom nom nom....

Here's the chocolate ganache, once I had mixed in the cream, sugar / milk combo, and butter. It is "resting"...

Lazy Ganache, never had to work for anything.

Here is the final result: 16 large cupcakes with chocolate ganache atop them, and about 3-4 cups extra ganache.

A great recipe, perfect for fall!

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